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Sunday, 12-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
sweet memories

EO2c/ AO2c in memories..
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i was listening to akon , mr lonely when suddently all the memories come....and here i am, looking back at the old pictures, laughing alone...huhuhu, i miss all the fun.miss the irp group, when we always have discussion in dini and nadia's room, and we end up with singing " cant take my eyes of you " , and remember when we sing bufday song and berborak sakan sampai kene sergah ustazah...hehehe, and all the lumba-lari-sambil-membawa-bakul -laundry....bbq , dance, pesta buah ( thanks to munirah) , ahhaha....nk durian pliss..dan x ketinggalan , kak era kita..." nasi, nasi..!!!" teringat amal yg turut membuat adegan kak era..hahha..

marilah kawan2 kita berbondong-bondong pergi menyergah guru2 KMB....mari2...

Saturday, 11-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

obviously it's yellow rose :)
and now comes the white
and another white
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at last....i made it!!!! hahaha, dah plan nak ada blog sendiri or photopage sendiri ni since last semester lagi, everytime nk exam mesti dah plan , "lepas exam nk buat blog la..nk buat photopage la..." haha, dah abes exam final utk 1st year ni, baru la buat, ni pn x tau la leh keep on update ker x...semoga izi kekal rajin....

so, for the very first entry, since it's spring...i wanna share some flowers pictures in my collection..too bad, i dunno their names....


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